Dave Carty
Dave Carty

Writing Samples

Cowboy Woodstock

At the Country Stampede, the music and partying never ends.

Published in Heartland USA, March/April 2008 issue.
Branding Time

When it’s branding time, some ranches still do it the old-fashioned way.

Published in Heartland USA, May/June 2006 issue.
Glacier in the Clouds

Grizzlies, green caterpillars, and 50-knot winds can't stop our intrepid adventurers from a week-long backpacking tour of Glacier National Park.

Published in Heartland USA, May/June 2007 issue.
Hot Shoes, Cold Iron

Farrier Larry Grantier takes a whole-horse approach to fitting horseshoes.

Published in Heartland USA, March/April 2007 issue.

Huns and sharptails in the Western 'out there'.

Published in Shooting Sportsman, July/August 2006 issue.
Hot Shoes, Cold Iron

In some parts of the west, logging is done the old fashioned way.

Published in Heartland USA, July/August 2006 issue.
Just Say No

There's more than one way to correct your dog.

Published in Gun Dog, September 2010 issue.
4 Part Harmony

With a song in their hearts, not to mention perfect pitch, barbershop quartets haven't missed a beat.

Published in Vantage, January/February 1998 issue.
Beauty On The Wing

Butterfly houses are gardens of living color.

Published in Vantage, May/June 2000 issue.
Furniture Branches Out

Diane Cole Ross has been creating fine one-of-a-kind rustic furniture pieces in Montana since 1979.

Published in Log Home Living, December 1997 issue.
Your Home For Life

Making your house accessible for the golden years.

Published in Costco Connection, July 2005 issue.
Grouse and Woodcock Shuffle

Need some stress in your life? Grouse and woodcock may be just the ticket.

Published in Gun Dog, November 2010 issue.

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